Looking to Spring

This Winter took me by surprise. Normal weather for central Texas is apparently summery from early March all the way to Christmas, when I give up on ever acquiring a holiday spirit – only to watch everything turn cold and grey for the New Year.  Gloom overtakes me easily. I want to wear my Christmas sweater during Advent, not Epiphany, and New Year celebrations are supposed to be crisp and bright.

I find myself wanting to just hide under my blanket and hibernate until Spring.

But this year has been different.  It got cold early and stayed that way.  It actually rained during Advent, clearing the skies of dust for Christmas and New Year’s Day.   Now, even though it’s still January, the sky has been sunny two days in a row.  I’m enjoying the cool days and dormant feel of everything.  I feel like my world is about to hatch out with new life and luster, and I’m expectantly awaiting what lies ahead.


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