Tomorrow’s the day.  The boys found themselves in their room today and Jon passed down long lost favorites that have been off limits to younger fingers.   They surrounded the slot car tracks and enjoyed sanding contacts and digging up cars together.  It felt like old times.

Except they never played that nicely when the cars were new.

I am so enjoying this photo challenge;  it’s helping me to take note of those special moments that are so fleeting with children.

Pips has always been a Carpe Diem kind of girl.  If she feels an emotion, she expresses it.  She loves her brother dearly, and spent dinner on his lap or planting “superglue kisses” on him so that they won’t fall off.  She wants to make sure he knows how much she loves him.  He is her biggest treasure.

I think he knows.  It may even be mutual.

(Day 6/365)


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