A new life

We all sensed it.  Life as we knew it would fall apart the minute Jon left.  Within an hour of his plane’s departure, the computer froze and nothing worked.  Groceries that took two carts to get to the register took three to get to the car.  And a huge thunderstorm loomed overhead.

But we handled it.  Without him.

My daughter shut down the computer the way Jon said never to, because that was all she could do.  It reset and Dave removed the offending game when it came back up.  The groceries all went into one car and we didn’t have to call UPS to get the dog food home.  The thunderstorm was cool and everybody knows I wouldn’t have been upset if the house got zapped or floated away.

We survived.

Except I still didn’t have a blog post for the day, and the camera program was refusing to download.  Maybe the world would end after all.  I decided I’d just go to bed when my phone rang.

(Day 7/365)


2 thoughts on “A new life

  1. tears……..

    Awww my friend…{{{{{hugs}}}}} praying this hole fill quickly, what a bittersweet time this must be, I can only imagine, but my time will come and I’m NOT looking forward to it.

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