A Reflection and Pajamas

I mentioned a couple days ago that the dog had been mugged.   I was letting him heal, but today he took a turn for the worse and I knew he needed a vet.  I happen to know a good one – my older brother (and I’ve blogged about his clinic before, too.)  He will get Hankie all fixed up and fixed.   So, since this was the most exciting thing today, I snapped the requisite photo.  If it wasn’t bad enough to get mugged, he’s going to come home naked, emasculated, and wearing the Cone of Shame.  And I’m publishing it.

Cool!  I knew there was some reflection on the glass, but didn’t realize until I put it on the big screen how clear that was and how ethereal the dog looked.  There are glass doors on the kennels, which reflected a shelf of sterile supplies behind me.  I just received a call from Dr. Zachry, and Hankie will need to be shaved to ascertain the extent of his injuries and to remove the stickerballs that he brought home as souvenirs.  So he may need jammies as well…..

And speaking of  pajamas, the neighbor was given a gift last week.  This is the first I’ve seen it.  One of our favorite books is Llamas in Pajamas, by Teddy Slater.  We may have even helped to name the new little guy:  Jama.

(Day 11/365)


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