Visit with Dr. Uncle

There are perks to being the doctor’s niece.  If you express an interest in recreating his surgery when you get home, he might even outfit you for the job.  I just love her beaded Indian slippers sticking out the bottom.  She has surgical booties to cover those, too, but – well, she’s a mite too stylish for that!

We just got home.  It’s 11 p.m. and Hankie’s alive and well, but he’s not the happiest camper yet.  When I said he got mugged, it was an understatement.  And I’m not sure if the sedatives he was on were for his pain or his temper.  He’s been threatening and sassing anyone who came near him.   Of course,  he turned into the most loving pet anybody ever had when I arrived.   He was relieved to get home and sack out in his corner.  I added an extra blanket, just because he looked like he could use one.

Now that I can see everything he had, I am really glad I took him to Gentle Care.  I know he appreciates it, too.


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