His eye is on the…puppy?

There is nothing quite like the “YELP! YELP! YELP!” of a puppy to get your attention.  Especially when you’re backing the car out of the driveway.

All I can say is, I’m very glad I was going very slowly.  And that I had the presence of mind to not only put the car in drive to get back off the puppy, but not to panic and run him over completely from the opposite direction.  I also thank God that He not only watches over puppies, but the little girls waving good-bye out the window.  Because Junior is fine. It may just be a couple weeks before his hair grows back.

I hope, in that time, he also grasps the connection between the sound of a car engine and the need to vacate the area.

(Day 18/365)


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