Gonna need some cheese over here –

This morning, the new jar of mayonnaise dropped out of little hands and the lid broke.  I was dressed, but my hair was clipped up in a big froof while it dried and I really did not want to go investigate the noise and loud accusations.  Cleaning up the mayo was no huge deal, but we had been thrilled to have a new jar of mayo.  The last jar had been dropped on its maiden voyage, too,  and all of us were really tired of Saran wrap rubberbanded over the top.   Quite frankly, why did I have to clean it up?  Who declared Moms do all the work? Couldn’t it have at least waited until I was ready for my day?

I haven’t felt well in over  a week.  I’ve had a sore throat and no energy.  The doctor gave me some stuff, but it appears I get to relive the entire illness in reverse order on its way out.  I haven’t a had my voice in longer than any woman can tolerate and most men dream of.   I felt really sorry for myself, but I couldn’t even yell at the offender properly.  I decided to yell at everybody.  There were dishes in the sink I didn’t dirty and mess in the living room.  Why was that?  Why, when anybody else is sick, does Mom get to dote on them and care for their every need?  Yet, when Mom’s sick, she gets to dote on everybody and care for their every need?

My voice gave out completely.  Damn.  It will only work if I’m sane.

I’m really missing Jon.  If I went to bed early, Jon always took care of any remaining dishes.  This morning I woke up to midnight snack mess.  And now mayonnaise on the floor with the youngest running pell-mell into the kitchen to see what all the ruckus was about.  Don’t want to miss anything good!  It’s a wonder she didn’t do a double back gainer on that mess….

When I finished with my crisis, the kids all chipped in to clean the kitchen properly  and then disassembled, packaged, and hauled the toddler bed to the attic for me.  The older boys have always handled attic runs in the past.  This group was surprised at how hot it was up there.  After that, they went out front to play in the water.  I wish I’d taken my camera out: the two big ones dumped a new trash can full of water onto the driveway where the two little ones were sitting, legs outstretched.  Those two giggled like fools as they washed away a few feet.  The dog circled them happily – it was his first time outside to play since his surgery last week.  He sported a green t-shirt to protect against sunburn that he seemed to really enjoy once it was wet and cool. He even came and begged me to go again, later.  Pathetic.

And y’know what?  It was a better day for the quiet.  In spite of my whining, I got a lot done and the kids helped with everything.  They were cheerful helpers and didn’t fight.  I even found dinner made for me when I came in from working outside with the boys.  It always happens that way.  They only need to know they’re needed and appreciated, just like the rest of us.


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