The children are really enjoying Mom’s illness.  I’m still not completely up to snuff, although their time off is shortening rapidly.  The best thing about play is, it’s not that different from learning in our house.  I risk being virtually chastised, maybe even electronically killed, by posting this photo.  This building set has always been off limits to this set of children.  But what awe as they experimented with pneumatics, electricity, and engineering!  I love Fischertechnics.   I wish we owned a lot more.

The goal is to recreate something Jon did a few years ago:  a self-recharging pump system.  We’ve got the pump to work, to charge, but not self-recharge.

But now I’m being interrupted;  I can’t think.  Hankie has decided that he’s been cooped up in the house or on a leash for too long.  He found a ball and won’t leave me alone.

The more walls I can bounce it off, the better the game is.  It’s boring just playing Fetch like a dog….

There seems to be a pattern here.  Even the dog plays like the kids.  The fun is rising to the challenge.  And winning.

(Day 19/365)


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