Storms and Slinkies

So many thoughts in my head today; it’s really hard to pick one and focus.  Health and faith are two topics of intense interest to me.  I could lose myself in readings on this all week  and forget to eat.  And that’s what the sermon was on this morning: faith and healing.  So is my puppy sick because I asked God to find homes for them and this is His way of getting rid of them?  Because I sinned and didn’t post yet another ad on Craigslist like I promised?  Or is my puppy just sick and I will pray for him and tend his needs and leave him in God’s hands for better or worse?  I know that, regardless what happens to Jake, I will praise God for being with us through it.  And Jake will have a good, loving home his entire life.

This afternoon a big, ugly thunderstorm passed overhead.  It made a lot more noise than anything else, but I loved how ominous it was.  Life is like that so often.  Scary noises with dark, threatening clouds all around.  Flashing lightning and chest-rattling thunder.  If I shivered and hid in fear at its fearsomeness the way my little ones do, I’d miss the point.  God is big.  He is beyond my control, and some of who and what He is and does scares the daylights out of me.  But if I trust that He loves me and I will be more fit for the very purpose He put me here as I marvel at His might – I will see that without the rain, I would die.  Without the wind there would be no cooling temperatures.  Without the threat, my faith would be untested.  I myself would not know how much I could truly withstand or how far I could trust my God.

The younger kids got slinkies today.  It didn’t take them long to figure out how to get them to go down stairs and then walk a bit across the floor.  It was in my teaching Pips how to do it, that I saw God’s hand.  If she holds onto her slinky and controls how it falls, it is stopped at the first step.  But if she sets it on the launch pad and gives it a small shove from behind toward where it should go, it will go the distance.  It may go off the side or down the center, but the goal will be achieved.

It’s faith.  Trusting that what I aim at will be achieved.  And if not, I will go somewhere else.  I will be stronger and wiser.  I can shoot again or refine my sights, but I will be closer to God’s path, either way.

And I find that the closer I get to God, the more the ups and downs of life make sense.  And the diverse conversations I have with miscellaneous people all dovetail together into one theme.  Without faith, nothing else works.  Without God, words are so much unhelpful blather.  With faith in God, the whole color of the world has changed – and I see it, because I’m out in it, actively looking for what’s next.  


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