I agreed that the kids could care for a friend’s pet during their vacation.  I am not overly picky about animals; growing up, we had the usual dogs and cats, mice (field and domestic), hamsters, birds, an Indian python (that’s a story in itself), a rat named Indy, and a tarantula.  Horses were often in the yard.   Since this is by definition a farm we live on, I was fine with helping out while exposing my kids to a new species.

How long have I been a mother now?  I should know better than this.

“Mom, can we get one of these?”

“Y’know, if I moved this and that in my room, I would have space to put a hamster cage in there.  I have enough money to buy it all myself.”

What I didn’t expect was the corner these comments came from.  I expected the little kids to fall in love, not the big ones!  If they want to take the responsibility and the cost, it’s up to them.  They are old enough to make this decision themselves.

“Mom, if they are getting hamsters, can I get a boa constrictor?”

Uhhh……maybe we should tell the story of the python again.

(Day 23/365)


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