Finally, a Yes

Today was one of the best mornings I’ve had in awhile.

Jake wagged and sat up.

The kids were teasing just yesterday (we don’t joke because it’s not funny) – that the elevation of our property has risen a foot since we moved in, we’ve buried that many animals here.  Jake was completely non-responsive when I went to bed, and I did not want to get up this morning.  I actually put myself back to sleep for an hour because I couldn’t face stepping into the backyard.  But I finally did, and he sat up and wagged his ratty tail.


What’s so special about Jake?  Nothing.  He’s a four month old blackmouth cur mix that I’ve gotten really attached to.  He’s been in so much lately; the garbage, a carcass, and the neighbor’s yard.  It could’ve been anything that poisoned him, but whatever it was, we lost two of his brothers this week.  He was so ill.  I had put him in God’s hands and went to bed.  I know that I don’t need another dog and removing a mouth or three would be helpful about now.  Keeping him would be wonderful, but being rid of him would be smart.  I left the decision to God.  So when I woke up, I knew my answer would be waiting.  I’ve heard so many nos…..

And I cried.  I sat in the yard in my nightgown at daybreak and cried.  My Jake was alive!  All day, I watched him get stronger as he drank and began to move around.

And then this evening, he came inside, ate half a hot dog and laid down next to me to watch the bonus features from the 25th Anniversary edition of Top Gun.  I am such a Top Gun fanatic;  I have nearly the entire movie memorized.  It doesn’t get any better than seeing how the movie was made with Jake on my arm.

(Day 24/365)


5 thoughts on “Finally, a Yes

  1. I liked your story about Jake. As a dog lover I am always touched by stories of their selfless love and how they can fix so many heartaches. I have many great memories involving the dogs I have known and I believe two things, God created them to give us illustrations of His unconditional love. Sometimes we get too old, jaded or “sophisticated” to appreciate the love of God and a dog can serve as a gentle reminder. I also believe that all our dogs will be waiting for us in heaven. That is the only way I can handle putting down a old faithful friend.

    • I wish people were more like dogs – then bullies, wimps and honest folk would be more readily identifiable. People have learned how to be socially acceptable, but they will still growl you down, bite you in the back, or be your best friend when you least expect it.

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