My Foray into the Art World

School’s just about over.  We have a few math pages to finish up and final English papers to write, but then we are done for the summer.  I need a break.  This is only the second summer that I will have taken off in the twelve years I’ve homeschooled.   And while I don’t like having to re-establish routines at the beginning of the school year, I do need to devote some time to the house.  Because it’s not teaching that does a homeschool mother in; it’s the laundry and dishes.

I’ve devoted all my time since last fall to teaching and basic subsistence.  The house needs some focused attention.

I’m not sure why I never thought of it before, but decorations don’t have to be purchased at the art gallery.  Fairly recently I was lamenting how expensive artwork was when I noticed that these were photographs I was considering.  Of beautiful flowers.

I have shot, on my own camera, some amazing flowers.  I have thrown up on Facebook, willy-nilly,  some awesome prints with my name nowhere branding them.  It is time to decorate my home with the fruit of my own hands.  My mom has always said that we are craftologically challenged;  I think I’ve just never recognized what I do well enough to display.  A girlfriend posted a blog about how she arranged her children’s artwork on a single theme into one large frame.  It looked awesome.   Hubby brought me home some 24″ x 36″ frames from work.   As I stared at them and wondered where I had enough vertical real estate to hang those buggers and what exactly I wanted to put in them, it occurred to me.  My flowers.  The images that catch my breath every time they cycle across my screensaver.   Those need to be collected and framed so that visitors can catch their breath as well.  Other stuff can move for these – they make me smile.

So this afternoon I began sifting and sorting and printing.  It’s going to take me some days to put this together, because I am not versed in decorating and putting things together in a pleasing way.  This just doesn’t come easy to me.  I don’t do Photoshop, either.  I capture what I see in real life and the extent of my talent is cropping out the ugliness of the world from God’s beauty.  I want to isolate what I see for others to notice it the same way.  But to gather and arrange a group of them?

The project has begun.

(Day 25/365)


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