Bass Notes

I’ve been reading through Charles Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening for my daily devotional.  One line has been ringing in my head all day.  So here’s my photo of the day, to go with the words that inspired it.

The deeper our troubles, the louder our thanks to God, who has led us through all, and preserved us until now.  Our griefs cannot mar the melody of our praise, we reckon them to be the bass part of our life’s song, “He hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad.

I have played a little bit of piano and a little more guitar.  My most experience with music is actually with handbells, where the entire song is taken apart into distinct notes for the players.   The best songs are the most complex, that move across the entire set of octaves.

What does my song incorporate?  If I were to put my life to music, what would it sound like?  If it were all warm, sunny days, it would be no more interesting than a nursery ditty safely played on one octave in the key of C.  There must be sharp notes, flat spots and pauses – exciting crescendos and timid pianissimos – all blended together to make something unique enough to be worthwhile.  Big thunderclaps of bass notes counterpoised against bright cheery trebles bring interest and meaning into the everyday middles.

May I see each day as merely a note in the larger song.  May I enjoy the trip as much as I would playing the entire melody from memory.

(Day 26/365)


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