Happy Kids

Something must be wrong.  I’ve had no deep intellectual thoughts today and no great spiritual revelation.  The light bulb that has been popping over my head for the past five years was silent today.  Whew.

So the best part of my day was the manicure.  Pips is always in my shadow and caught me looking at my nail polish collection, considering which color I’d prefer this weekend.  “Mom, can we paint my nails?”  She’s Mommy’s girl.  No, maybe she’s my little sister’s girl.  She’s a clothes horse extraordinaire, with 5 pairs of shoes and wanting her nails perpetually painted.  I may be like that now, but I was never like that as a kid.

Sure.   So, while mine still aren’t done, hers are, and she’s happy as a clam.  Big brother came along just in time for the camera moment and had to be with her.

And maybe that’s the most important part of any day.  Catching happy children, just as they are, being who they are around Mama.

(Day 27/365)


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