Chicken alfredo pizza sounded really good. I made one a few weeks ago, but I didn’t remember exactly how I’d done it. So I did what I did then: I googled it. I found a different recipe that looked very promising.

I can hear Jon from here, saying, “Except…” I don’t follow recipes well. I have a vision of what I want before I start, and I don’t let ingredient lists and measurements get in my way. It’s just a guideline, after all.

I always start at my mill, grinding fresh wheat berries. I don’t consider switching flours to be an adaptation, although I know it can change things dramatically. This bread came together a lot quicker than expected, and I ended up not adding any white flour. It was still light and rose well. Next time, though, I will probably add more salt to bring out the flavors in the crust.

The Parmesan sauce turned out great and I added mushrooms to the chicken and spinach on top. I did feel it needed something to hold it all together, so I covered everything in mozzarella. We like extra cheese. Another dusting of Parmesan and a little more rosemary for looks, and I’m calling it good.

Twenty minutes later….

And y’know, it felt really good to just putter in my kitchen. There’s something soothing about picking through spinach leaves for the freshest ones, slicing soft mushrooms and grating a knuckle into the fluffy pile of cheese. Well, maybe that’s not my favorite part – but it’s a part. It’s my badge of honor. I love kneading bread dough until it’s the consistency of a baby’s bum, and then rolling it out (since I’ve never mastered the pizza toss.) There’s real satisfaction in putting together, with your own hands, a nourishing meal for the family. And that’s important.
(Day 30/365)


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