Ah, summer. The kids didn’t even have to wake up this morning before they started arguing, it seemed. Although probably the best sibling prank I’ve ever seen was perpetrated this morning. Sister put the last slice of the coveted potato bread in the toaster and adjusted the knob to “Perfectly Brown”. She walked away for a minute and little brother surreptitiously turned the knob to “Damnation Black”. The whole kitchen smoked over.

I can still smell it, hours later. We haven’t had something this bad since I melted down the microwave and had to live with burnt plastic smell in the kitchen. But the kids weren’t done. They put new batteries in the little plastic pitching machine and played “Catch” – better known as “Pelt Your Siblings” – in the hall, so they didn’t lose the balls. Once they’d rebroken a custom, handmade picture frame housing their sainted grandfather’s photo, they started thinking their lives might be shorter than they’d expected.

They decided to play Sardines. You know, Hide’n’Seek in reverse. Everybody counts and one person hides. When you find the hider, you climb in with him. Eventually, all players are crammed in the now extremely sweaty spot and trying really hard not to giggle and give away their position. Last guy to find them gets to hide on the next round. Finally, positive play.

What fun!!

The extrication of big sister from underneath brother’s bed may require a remake. Before he gets home from work.

(Day 31/365)


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