I’ve been seeing this page an awful lot lately.   It means I’m back to square one.  It reminds me of playing “Sorry!” with my big brother.  No matter which cards we got, he always moved forward to the goal and I always got bumped back to Home.  Start over, Brenda; you do it so well.

I know that what’s really going on is that I’m asking for things above the capability of the system.   While some have commented how quiet and peaceful my rural home is, it takes Eddie Albert to keep my phone connection working.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the constant upgrades to the computer to rectify speed issues have been no different than when Grandma put a bigger octopus on her wall outlet to handle the sewing machine, the reading light, the heater, and the radio together.  She never understood why she had power failures when she sewed heavier fabrics.  I wish I could just put a penny in the fusebox of my computer….

Thankfully, if my penny fails, I have an entire department’s worth of firefighter friends moments away.  The homeschool community is full of competent young men and ladies to assist me when I cannot get my blog to function or the right angle on a photo.   When I complain about my computer woes, my daughter gives me that look that only she can give and says, “At least it gives you a screen.”   Each one of them is a godsend to me.  They are my surge protector and backup power supply.

So, while yesterday’s post may not have made it to the page until today, I’m up and running.   I did what I could do and called it enough.  I moved on to better priorities.  I spent some time with my older kids talking about hamsters and farmwork.   When they organized a demolition crew to pull down their fort before it killed someone, I agreed to drive the “wrecker”.   It will take another day to clear the debris, but my backyard is now clear of ugliness.  After dinner, I moved a project I’d been wanting to do to the front burner.

I gave my piano a new life.  This project has been on my mind and my dresser for exactly a year now.   I will find a place to hang it tomorrow, after I’m sure that everything is dry and secure to put it in the frame.

And isn’t that what the reset button is all about?  Something wasn’t working – the piano was too big, too old, and too far beyond repair.   It had given many years of service before delivering its final lesson on sound dynamics and mechanics.  And yet, as it settled into its new role as artwork, it taught me about decorating and home beautification.  The piano has been reset – and is bringing me smiles once again.

(Day 34/365)


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