Rock Climbing

I did have a post yesterday, you just didn’t see it.  You can thank me later.  It was based on Ephesians 5:22-34, which struck me new even though I have had it nearly memorized for 15 years.  But my commentary didn’t go anywhere, so I went to bed.  Today has been wildly uneventful.  I have so much going through my head, yet nothing I can put my finger on.  And when my brain is unsettled, I tend to nibble on chocolate.  That’s probably not the surest path to utmost health and fitness.

So I took my older kids to work on their fitness at the local gym.  It makes me feel better that I’m encouraging them in health and fitness, and better for my waistline than teaching them one more way to make chocolate into something pseudo-nutritious.

They’ve been really enjoying this the last couple weeks.  This is the first time we’ve gotten photos.

I was concerned about my camera until I realized there is talcum powder in the air at the gym, which is stirred up by the fans which constantly blow from all sides.   Dave makes this look so easy; he has always been incredibly agile.  But sister is fairly competitive.

Dave in one of his “moments” –  when I realize he’s growing up really fast.

All in all, a fairly productive Friday night.  I got a drive in the night air, which cleared my head, and the big kids got a solid dose of PE.   I’m good with that.


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