Artistically Challenged

I have been so encouraged by my friend, Scarlett.  She seems to make everything art seem so easy.  I am amazed at what she produces from even scraps I would’ve thrown away, wishing I had a use for lovely, freeform designs.  I’ve been watching what she blogs for a year now, and it has finally made a dent in my non-artsy genes.  My mom used to say she was not crafty.  I love arts and crafts, but I’m more than craftologically challenged; art in general escapes me.

But photography is an art, and I can do that.  I love to sit in front of my computer, watching the screensaver flit randomly through my photos and remember when I caught just that one special moment.

I don’t know why it never occurred to me I could frame my own photos and hang them on the wall.  Hell, I sold my equine photos in college to a lady who used them in magazine ads and hung them with the trophies and ribbons those horses earned.  It’s time I started my own trophy wall.  I decided to use Scarlett’s style for this, explaining every detail.  Had it not been for her explicit steps, I never would’ve realized how easy it was to make what I wanted.

First, I ran us completely out of ink in the printer…..  Then I had to decide how I wanted to put them together.  Floral  arrangement sounds like art again, and was a bit intimidating.  My daughter came to help me.  She obviously favors the other side of the family.

Why did some print with borders and others not?  The printer was set the same on both days….one day I will stop questioning the mind of computers.  For something so seemingly cut and dry, they can be maddeningly creative at times.  No biggie; I have a straight edge cutter, so I’ll just remove the white edges.   Hmm.  Until I laid them back on the black background –

I had to think on this.  And then it occurred to me.  These are my photos.  They are not irreplaceable if I completely mess them up.  I tried something that, to my only-by-the-rules mind, was unthinkable.  I got out the Sharpie.

That was awesome.  It felt like cheating, yet solved my problem.  Edges were no longer visible.   Photos were also now different sizes, which gave me the easy, unstructured style that is a part of everything I do.  The only thing that lines up perfectly in my life is my checkbook register.

I was given several 2′ x 3′ frames, all black.  While this is a really cool shot of  an automated warehousing facility my husband helped design and build  (this is the American Eagle distribution center in Ottawa, Kansas), I really didn’t want to display it as prominently as he had at work.   Actually, all I wanted was the frame.   I chose the less formal one.

I wanted to mount my photos on a felt background, but was unable to find black felt in that size.  I ended up with black wrapping paper, which actually turned out just fine.  I wrapped the backboard of the frame in it and glued my photos down.

I am so pleased with it.  I’ve conquered something within myself.  And that’s all that matters.


2 thoughts on “Artistically Challenged

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!! It turned out great! That was fun to read your progression…you may just be turning artsy after all! 🙂

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