Beware Attack Cat

Only one thing struck me today.

Don’t mess with my cat.

I’m not a huge cat fan, but I do have one.  He used to tag team with his mama, but I’ve learned that Mama was only along for the ride.  I have yet to meet any animal that will mess with him.  I heard a noise in my backyard once and stepped outside to find a coyote with my hen in his mouth.  My cat was less than a foot away, hissing that he should leave our yard immediately.  I’m sure I heard, “And leave the chicken, too!”  The coyote saw me and left, albeit with the bird, while I was stunned at the audacity of that cat.

Today, I wasn’t thinking about the cat.  I have two young male dogs who are vying for headship of our home.  As my daughter put a collar and leash on one to take him for his obedience lessons, the other one appeared unexpectedly.  A fight instantly broke out.  I came running and yanked the leash with Jake attached.  He’s a pretty light dog, and he flew out of the melee.  But the other dog followed him.  I blocked the approach with a box I had in my hand while my daughter grabbed him from behind to take him outside.  Neither of these dogs will hurt us – they are merely arguing over who gets to be kept.  Both are good dogs and neither are doing any damage.  But teen males being what they are…..  I heard my daughter yell something, but I was making sure that Jake was completely out of the way, and it didn’t sound serious.  Instantly, the cat came out of nowhere, poofed as all get-out, and bit Jake’s backside.

Whoa!  Now I’m defending my dog from the assault of a cat?!?  Jake jumped behind me and my daughter reappeared to take the cat.  I told her what he’d just done.  She said he’d done the same thing to Buddy as she was taking him out.

Makes me wonder if Gray-C would’ve had it all under control if we’d stayed out of the way…..


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