The Waterfall

I have prayed about my judgmentalism for years.  My nit-picky attitude about how others handled situations didn’t win me many friends, but I couldn’t seem to stop armchair quarterbacking the actions of everybody I met.   I wasn’t a good friend.   There were no answers to my prayers for a long time.  Then, just in the last several months, I’ve been overwhelmed with the concepts of grace and mercy.  They are flooding my consciousness and consuming my thoughts.

In the midst of struggling with trying to write it down, my sweet little girl, in her new bathing suit, asked me to come see what she was doing and take a picture of her doing it.  I figured I could use a break.

This is what grace and mercy are all about.  Her  Christmas truck broke too quickly.  She doesn’t want to throw away the toy that she loved and had such high hopes for, so she has transformed it into all sorts of imaginations.  Today, when everyone was dripping sweat and her toy seemed discarded and forgotten in the heat of the day,  she ran cool, clear water over and through it, changing it from a lowly dump truck into a conduit of great joy and refreshment.  She loves waterfalls.  They are fascinating to us all.

Grace flows over our souls with streams of cool refreshment.  It restores our rightness in the world.  It inspires mercy for others who may have wronged us.  It frees us all to live again.


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