God Provides

The drought is not letting up. I have never seen pastures lose all trace of grass and animals belonging to neighbors get so thin. I get regular emails from the horse rescue society about abandoned or donated animals that need help and there’s no room to take any more. The demand is high, and I have two acres lying fallow. Yet there’s nothing growing on my lot, either. I have nothing to offer.

Driving down the road today, I was struck by this cow. Well, I didn’t hit him, but the scene moved me. I live on the Chisholm Trail; this is cattle country. This is what it must’ve looked like in the post-Civil and Mexican Wars era when the men came home from fighting those battles to find their ranches blighted by drought. They just wanted to rest, but it was time to start the cattle drives. They had to get the cattle to market before they starved, because then the family would starve.

And just like then, God provided. While the economy sinks, my husband’s work has been steady. We’ve not gone hungry. And just to make sure we knew He loves us, He answered my daughter’s prayer for a dog of her own. We rescued a puppy that needed bottlefeeding, which was something my daughter had always wanted to do. This dog, which guards her night and day, gave birth to the answer to my prayer. I wanted a walking partner, tough enough to keep the yard clear of varmints, gentle enough for the kids to play with, and more devoted to me than to life itself. He gave me Jake.

The last thing we needed was another dog, another mouth to feed. But these two dogs have filled the hearts of the girls in this family when the outside world seemed so bleak. Often in the Bible, we hear Jesus say, “Fear not, for I am with you.” When the going seems really hard, and you cannot go any further, look up. For He is right beside you with a hand held out. For us, it looked like a leash – I don’t know what it will look like for you. All you need do is take it.


3 thoughts on “God Provides

  1. I have asked for a number of things as of late, and it seems that what was asked for was given. Sometimes, it ends up being like the monkey’s paw or a wish from a djinn, but I have gotten what was asked for. I have been given a sense of peace, people that I need in my life, and the love of people that I care for, but not in the way that I wanted. We get what we need when we need it, and it’s not for us to question why. I guess that’s where the faith comes in.

  2. Why is it that something so simple such as God being with you , can be so hard to remember when we stumble through our life? I worry and whine and stay up late at night with my eyes wide open, mind spinning with all the fears of the week…the weight of the world crushing me to pancake levels…when really I have nothing to fear? Is it just human nature to kill ourselves with stress this way? I know I am fine and that no matter what, God will give me and my family what we truly “need”…but the spectre of “wants” I think is what does the most damage. Each desire is like a drip of water on the forehead….drip…drip..drip … how do we turn off the tap?

    One of my favorite bumper stickers of all time read “Protect me from what I want”.

    I think the more we can turn off the wants, the more we can embrace God’s love and the love of all those around us…but where the heck is the switch to turn that off???

  3. Randy, I have found worry to be a useless human failing. Nothing was ever resolved by worry; the only thing it creates is wrinkles and ulcers. I sleep very well because I set insurmountable problems aside without lying awake in fear. I am not a man of faith; things just have a way of working themselves out if we stop meddling. Solutions often present themselves after a good night’s sleep.

    I suspect you’d be hard pressed to recall any problem that was ever solved by worrying about it. Doris Day had the answer: “Que Sera, Sera…”


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