About me

My name is Brenda Elving.  I grew up in Southern California and earned a B.A. in Social Ecology/Human Behavior from  University of California, Irvine.   I enjoy traveling anywhere, shooting photos of anything, cooking ornate meals and baking artisan breads (if I could only do it all!)  I do spend a lot of time reading and learning new things in addition to homeschooling my six children.  My husband and I reside for now in a sleepy little area south of Austin, TX.  The quiet, rural lifestyle gives me time to ponder God’s hand as I see it.  I try to pepper each new thought with a photo or two from my camera so you can see more clearly what I see.  Come along with me on my walk through life – I pray that we can grow together in the knowledge of God and ourselves, and I welcome your comments on anything you see.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. WOW!!! You so articulately nailed it on the homeschooling blog…the other ones are amazing, and fun too! Im so proud to be your friend, even thru all these years and across all those miles.

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